Baseball Guidelines / Rules of Conduct

Behavior / Responsibility

  • The most important things about this baseball season are to learn baseball skills and to learn more about the game.

  • . Education is very important in the development of all players. Players will put their school work before baseball. Parents are encouraged to notify the coaching staff of any school related conflicts. Adjustments will be made accordingly.

  • Arrive at practice on time. If you are unable to attend practice, please notify the coaching staff of the reason for your absence.

  • Players will arrive at games 30 minutes prior to game time. If this is not possible, please let the coaches know ahead of time.

  • Hustle! Hustle! Hustle! It doesn't take talent to hustle!

  • Players will be expected to give full effort. This includes hustling to and from the dugout between innings. The only player that will be allowed to walk is the pitcher.

  • Players will treat all players and coaches with respect. We are a team! We win as a team and we lose as a team! Respect the game. Respect yourself.

  • No cursing; no vulgar language.

  • Umpires are human and will not receive verbal abuse from players. The coaching staff will handle the umpires.

  • While hitting, all players will keep their gloves and hats together in one area. We will not waste time searching for gloves and hats between innings.

  • At the conclusion of all games, players must put their hats on before shaking hands with the opposing team. After shaking hands, all players will sprint to center field for a short post game meeting.

  • Players will not leave practices or games until all equipment is picked up. Everyone will help pick up the dugout.

  • Dugouts will be cleaned up after every practice and game

  • The coaching staff requests that players and parents notify them as soon as possible with any vacation dates.


  • . Players will wear a hat to all indoor and outdoor practices. Players will wear their hat facing forward; absolutely no rear facing hats. The direction of your hat is the direction you want to go in life.

  • Pants must be worn to all outdoor practices; no shorts or jeans.

  • Shirts with sleeves must be worn; no tank tops.

  • Pitchers must wear long sleeves if temperatures are less than 60 degrees (F). Pitchers should also bring a coat to keep their arm warm while our team is batting.

  • Players will come to the ball field fully dressed. This includes having your shirt tucked in. Cleats can be put on in the dugout.


  • Players are required to have a baseball glove and protective cup. Coaches are not responsible for cup inspection. Wear your protective cup at all times.

  • Metal spikes or rubber cleats are required. Running shoes will only be allowed at indoor practices.

  • Players are encouraged to bring water to all games and practices.

  • Players are responsible for game belt and socks, SA green. All long sleeve undershirts must be SA green. Players should be responsible for cold weather attire.

  • Players will be required to treat all equipment as if it were their own. Players mistreating equipment will be subject to appropriate disciplinary measures and pay for damaged equipment. Players will not be allowed to tuck the bottom of their game pants underneath their cleats. Players observed doing this will immediately be charged for the cost of a new pair of game pants.

You represent the baseball team, St. Albert school and yourself. Please act accordingly!

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