P.A.L Baseball Attendance Policies

The school and many volunteers make significant investments in our Baseball and all the programs offered at the elementary and junior high level. Students and their parents who elect to play for our St. Albert teams also make strong commitments to these teams. Our PAL Sports Committee mandates that commitment to a school team takes precedence over other teams and commitments, except school work and family commitments.

One element critical to this commitment is attendance at team practices and games. Missing practice or a game, even for an excused reason, may cause a player to miss out on conditioning, execution and camaraderie vital to the development of the team and the player.

Therefore unexcused absences will be treated this way.

  • The first unexcused absence from a practice or game the player may be withheld from the next game at coaches discretion.( the player must attend any game from which they are withheld.)

  • The second infraction may require the player to be withheld from two games (the player must attend any game from which they are withheld.)

  • The third infraction may result in dismissal from the team as per school policy.

For the most part this describes how we have handled unexcused absences in the past, particularly missed games. We are aware of past specific instances that were stricter or more lenient. Our purpose is to be uniform and clear about how we will treat these absences.

Examples of Excused Absences:

  • The player is sick.

  • The player has a family commitment, parish activity, school function or has been suspended from games by the school.

To be excused the player (preferably) or the parent must notify the coach ahead of time. Exceptions may exist but the key is communicating with the coach as soon as you can.

Examples of Unexcused Absences:


  • Other commitments placed ahead of the school team: games, tournaments, practices or tryouts for other teams of any sport (in season or not); attending concerts or sporting events not related to school work.

Coaches may implement additional consequences such as extra conditioning for team infractions including detentions, disruptiveness or disrespectfulness at practice.



  • Teach fundamental baseball skills

  • Teach understanding the game

  • Emphasize teamwork, sportsmanship, and positive values

  • Teach how to compete



  • Be competent in teaching baseball skills with an emphasis on learning as opposed to winning games

  • Treat players fairly and with respect

  • Instill discipline so as to promote positive learning environment for all, consistent with school policy on sports/activities


  • Be committed to learning

  • Work hard to do your best

  • Comply with team policy for behavior

  • Be respectful to coaches, teammates, officials, and opponents

  • Practice sportsmanship- you represent your team and your school when you put on the uniform


  • Have your son to practice and games on time (see attendance policy)

  • Please pick your son up on time. We will not leave boys unattended after practice, however, we also have other commitments

  • Be supportive in a positive manner (see attached sheet for parent guidelines)

  • Let the coaches coach

  • Communicate with coaches/coordinator and with each other. The baseball website ( www.FalconsPal.org ) and e-mail are the primary sources of information

  • Support the BOOSTER CLUB -volunteer to work home games, 7th or 8th grade.


Attendance-see above sheet for school attendance policy


Think safety at all times- unsafe behavior or horseplay will not be tolerated. Such behavior will be addressed immediately and will result in disciplinary measures

Attitude-Players will be expected to have a positive attitude at all times. Baseball is a game of failure. Be positive about yourself and encourage teammates always

Playing time- As explained at the parents meeting there are two factors involved in determining allocation of playing time:

PAL sports programs are instituted and funded in part to promote player development to the varsity program. As such, advanced level players deserve significant playing time.

Work habits on the practice field will be rewarded with increased playing time.


If we all (coaches, administrators, parents and players) strive for open, positive communication we can avoid misunderstandings. Inevitably during a baseball season we experience weather delays and cancellations, as well as schedule changes on short notice.

If parents buddy up in small groups that will improve communication flow.

If you have questions or concerns about your son's participation in the baseball program, please observe the following guidelines:

  • We strive for open communication, your son and you deserve to have concerns addressed

  • Encourage your son to consult with a coach first.

  • Allow 24 hours after a game or practice to discuss that day's issue

If you feel an explanation is unsatisfactory you may bring your concerns up with the baseball coordinator

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