PAL League Rules

PAL League Rules 2008

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Some High Lights from PAL Rules

  • Teams will play a minimum of 28 league games.

  • League games will begin in late April and conclude play around July 4, with the League Championship Tournament in mid-July.

  • A complete game is 7 innings or a two-hour time limit. The two-hour time limit begins with the first pitch of the game. Unless tied, no new innings shall be started after 1:55 from the first pitch of the game. Games that are tied after 7 innings or at the two-hour time limit will continue at the discretion of umpires until a winner is determined; however, no game can exceed two hours and 30 minutes. A tie will be declared if after two hours and 30 minutes of play, the game is still tied after the completion of the inning.

  • In the event a team is ahead by 10 runs after 5 innings of play or 15 runs after 4 innings of play, the game shall be considered a full game. Please review the time limit and run rules during the pre-game meeting with umpires.

  • Teams may elect to bat 9, 10, or 11 players (1 extra hitter and/or 1 designated hitter, further defined below), or a team may elect to bat its entire lineup. Should one team (or both) elect to bat its entire lineup, it may substitute freely for any position except pitcher.

  • Bases shall be at 84 feet.

  • The pitching mound/pitcher's plate shall be at 55 feet.

  • A runner coming to the plate when a play is going to be made MUST SLIDE, if the catcher or defensive player has the ball or is awaiting the ball on a throw.

  • Players may wear rubber/plastic-cleated baseball shoes or steel/metal baseball cleats.

  • All players must wear a protective cup.

  • B ats may be of wooden or aluminum composition. Aluminum bats must have a leather or rubber grip. Bats may not be more than 8.5 ounces lighter than the length of the bat (-8.5). Example: 31-inch length, 23-ounce weight. The barrel of the bat may not exceed 23/4 inches in diameter.

  • The home team will be listed last (second) on the schedule and will bat during the bottom of each inning.

  • All players, coaches, and fans are expected and required to observe the guidelines of good sportsmanship. Players and coaches are strictly prohibited from profanity, cursing, arguing, or being verbally abusive towards umpires, other players, or Adopted: December, 1998 Revised, February, 2007 Page # 5 other coaches.

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